Safety & Certification

TDC, INC. takes safety very seriously.  Our firm is concerned not only about the safety of our employees, but the safety of our client – as well as the public.   The company philosophy about safety is simple. Prevention is the best deterrent.  We conduct daily inspections on both the vehicles and equipment.  We also give each employee on-going safety training to always ensure that they are thinking of not only themselves, but the safety of those around them.

  • Safety Manual

    Issued to all employees to be used as a guideline of the companies safety policies and procedures.

  • Tool Box Tallies

    IUsed weekly as a tool to keep employees reminded of the safety topics.

  • MSDS

    Material Safety Data Sheets. A reference guide to chemicals our firm uses including, hazardous ingredients &identity information, physical data, fire and explosion data, reactivity data and first aid data. Copy of all MSDS sheets the firm currently uses, is kept in the van or issued to the GC’s superintendent.

  • Blood-born Pathogens

    Certifications on the regulations on how to handle and dispose of bodily fluids.

  • Personal Protective Equipment

    PPE. Issued to all of our staff to help keep them safe. Includes, but not limited to: safety glasses, vests, hard hats, boots and gloves.

  • Certified Operation

    all of our employees have Certification cards to operate both scissor and boom lifts.

  • Fail Protection

    Guidelines to keep our employees safe from falling. Also trained on how to put on and wear the safety harness.

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